Commitment to Country

The Turrbal People have been the traditional custodians of the Brisbane area where we are based for many thousands of years. Their beautiful ancestral homelands stretch north from Elimbah Creek, south to the Logan River, and inland as far as Moggill. Their bloodlines link Turrbal peoples’ past, present and future to one another, with traditional customs and laws intact. We pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging.

Commitment to People

At Love,Bonfire The Label, we strongly believe we cannot have a green and peaceful future without equality, civil rights, and empowered communities. Black lives matter. Indigenous lives matter. LGBTQi lives matter. 

We take the interests of workers, community and the environment into account in every decision we make across the business.

We understand the importance of building strong relationships with our suppliers, particularly in regard to the preservation of their craft. Many of our pieces are hand embellished by artisans whose skills have been refined and passed down across generations and centuries. Their talent and craftsmanship is what bring Love,Bonfire The Label pieces to life and we are forever protective and in awe of this magic. 

Commitment to Fair Trade 

Our compliance function support Australia’s broader regulatory objectives, including consumer protection, and enable a fair market for industry.

We monitor, and enforce where necessary, compliance with the legislation, regulations and rules for importing, manufacturing, advertising, supply, and exporting. We conduct regular inspections of our manufacturers, both in Australia and overseas, to ensure they continue to meet these standards.

Commitment to Causes

Love,Bonfire The Label is active across a variety of charitable organisations and regularly donates and supports fundraisers, events and causes. 

A cause very close to our heart is raising awareness and funds around Breast Cancer research. In October 2022, we launched the "Sheroes" collection (see here) whereby all proceeds will be donated to the Mater Chicks in Pink. Our target is to donate $15,000 and we are very confident we'll get there! 

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