Love, Bonfire The Label is built on the pillars of joy, colour and splendour and we are committed to ensuring a two way flow of these qualities in both our input and output. As an Australian business based in the 'Sunshine State', we have a strong connection to the land and ocean, from both an inspiration and manufacturing standpoint. Our aim is bring joy to the wearer, not only through endorphin led design but also with knowledge that each pieced has been thoughtfully made with great care, love and integrity.

Sustainability is the beating heart of our 'slow fashion' business model and these are the measures we have taken to create positive change for a joy, colour and splendour filled future:


We work closely with our manufacturing partners in India (a valued part of our team) in sourcing sustainable raw materials as a base for our creations. We are moving in a positive trajectory towards our goal of having a minimum 50% of each collection composed from regenerative or sustainable fibres by 2023. Whilst our small batch production philosophy inherently lends itself to sustainable practise (by significantly reducing waste across the board), we are constantly endeavouring to minimise our carbon footprint and produce products of the highest quality, safety and craftsmanship. 

Our achilles heal is the use of sequins. By God, we love them. However, we are cognisant of their composition and have actively reduced the number of pieces we embellish in this nature. Whats more, we remain continuously on the lookout for a more environmentally sound alternative - stay tuned. 


We ship all Love,Bonfire The Label orders in No Issue compostable courier satchels (made from plant material, biodegradable in six months) and are proudly a member of their Eco Packaging Alliance.

 Where possible, we will always use recycled materials for branding collateral. 

Our team is currently working on new and improved protective packaging solutions for the movement of our goods from factory to warehouse. 

Our Partners 

For every order placed on lovebonfirethelabel.com, we plant a tree via Ecologi! 

We primarily use Sendle as our shipping partner, Australia's first 100% carbon neutral shipper.

We are thrilled to partner with AirRobe, a new platform that is driving the circular fashion movement across the globe. It enables reselling, renting or recycling of your wardrobe, keeping Love,Bonfire The Label items out of landfills and in circulation which delivers a positive impact for our planet and natural ecosystems. Find out more about our AirRobe partnership here.


Should you require further information, feel free to contact: stephanie@lovebonfirethelabel.com